Monday, March 24, 2008

left out of the joke

Back at work and the overwhelming-ness is daunting.

The vacation is being asked about by the co-workers. It's funny how one works up an appropriate response. "it was relaxing." "it was good" etc. "the weather was pleasant and it was very nice not to fall on ice," for the people who can take my flippancy.

I don't know, I'm worried. I thought I had a firm plan about things but as ever, lovely entropy has made its will known and things are unraveling. As I unpacked yesterday and looked at my delightful acquisitions I was a little sad to have been by myself, the dog doesn't really react to cute magnets and gleaned moss. He was happy to have me home, though.

It's nice to be home with Pickles. I'm looking forward to the end of the month. The roommate wasn't around much last night and I didn't see him this morning but I will be happy to be alone in the Bricker with the dog. How odd to crave the alone-ness and still bemoan the solitude.

I just feel like there is a big joke being played out that everyone knows about but me. I did do a lot of laughing on vacation and yet I still am left out of the joke.

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