Monday, September 29, 2008

edit photo, medic dodo

i used to think i was so smart
now i'm successful when the laundry is done
surrounded by sleeping dogs
who must be uprooted for my comfort and sleep

i used to think i had the answer

Monday, September 15, 2008

the light comes in through the hall
banks against my bed, ruffles up a sheet
brushing yesterday's hair
listening to the town's work outside

I feel the september breeze
and it is familiar
I hear the geese fly by
and they are familiar
I would be going back to work today
if i had taken last week
off on vacation
or i would be still on holiday
if i had taken the month off
I smell the coffee rise from below
and it is welcomingly familiar

towns' trucks rumble by too speedily
on the road while kids trudge to school
there is so much to do
the list lengthens but i smile
and remember my favorite month
is about.