Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dropping the Ball

I'm getting older
I've never felt like this before
I want to shut up and shut down
No impulses allowed to emerge or enter

I want to keep my robe on all day
Pull a Harry or a Brian
Listen to Harry or to Brian
Let things become soothed and refreshed

I want to drink coffee and smoke
I want to feel a hot shower without guilt or alarm
I want to sit at my desk and feel complete
Don't knock on my door today

Saturday, January 19, 2008


sur·feit(sûr'fĭt)v.sur·feit·ed, sur·feit·ing, sur·feits v.
To feed or supply to excess, satiety, or disgust

"Tell me now if you have a crush on me"
from under a rock we emerge
self-oriented, we shake off the snow
and put away our gloves and shovels

looking around more than usual
it's the light that encourages us to see
there was someone we forgot about
and who was alone for too long

A flurry of chatter, the lost communique
no one has all the information and yet
it is well known the status of someone's
it is well known by the stature of someone's

whimsical queries and warm bilge
steadfast flirting coming from nature
and he called me "dollface"
and it didn't wake up the behemoth

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

sunset comes early

I take a small break at my desk at work. My hands are dry so I remove my favorite ring, which is a little too large and I leave the other ring on, which is a little too small and I rub my hands with Weleda Skin food, a moisturizer I never buy for myself, I can't afford the cadillac of lotions, it was a xmas present.

I look carefully at my fingers and on the third finger of my right hand I see the tiniest of bite marks on my fingernail. It is a bright pink crescent, looking like it would if i had dropped a heavy glass onto it just the right way, or perhaps had closed a cabinet door or drawer on it. But the injury is from a lover and I remember the bite and although it is pleasant and lovely I attempt not to spend. My finger shows me a sunset reminding my guts of the wintertime and its short sunny days.