Wednesday, January 2, 2008

sunset comes early

I take a small break at my desk at work. My hands are dry so I remove my favorite ring, which is a little too large and I leave the other ring on, which is a little too small and I rub my hands with Weleda Skin food, a moisturizer I never buy for myself, I can't afford the cadillac of lotions, it was a xmas present.

I look carefully at my fingers and on the third finger of my right hand I see the tiniest of bite marks on my fingernail. It is a bright pink crescent, looking like it would if i had dropped a heavy glass onto it just the right way, or perhaps had closed a cabinet door or drawer on it. But the injury is from a lover and I remember the bite and although it is pleasant and lovely I attempt not to spend. My finger shows me a sunset reminding my guts of the wintertime and its short sunny days.

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