Monday, June 30, 2008

Hotter than a pepper sprout

Dogs are funny.

Today, I came home from work the dogs were very excited as usual. Peretz was a little more earnest than usual and calmed down considerably when I let them both out into the backyard. He stayed outside, looking expectantly at the driveway until David came home (30-35 minutes later). Right now Peretz is near me and the tv while Pickles is upstairs doubtless under the covers with David.

Pickles and I walked to Fosters and back. I brought a bag to put my groceries into. I noticed there was a new rule posted up on the registers, something about a charge being rendered if folks want their paperbags with a plastic bag. You can have a plastic bag or a paperbag but not the double bag deal unless you pay. I felt so righteous as I stuffed my good vibrations bag full of corn meal, garlic, parsley, etc and hooked it over my arms.

I came back and made corncake/strawberry muffins which I don't like at all. I also made garlic/parsley spaghetti which I loved very much. It cooked long enough to get a little sticky and crunchy.

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